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These areas can be incredibly difficult to keep clean especially for commercial operations, because touching them is a necessary part of business operations.

The BESTSeal solution

Check out some common surfaces that can benefit from BESTSeals self-cleaning nano-coating service.

Guardrails / Handrails

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On dining tables and chairs

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On flooring in our special flooring-coat mix

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On Customer seating areas and furniture

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On doors and entryways

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On the walls and windows, catches UV radiation (potentially reducing cooling costs) & uses it to clean the surface, and air.

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We'll also provide you with custom marketing materials to let your customers and employees know you took the most cutting edge approach to maintaining surfaces' cleanliness for them.

Detailed Installation Process

Step one

Complete contact form

The contact form is located at the bottom of this page.

We will reach back out to you via email to schedule a mutually beneficial time for a consultation call, as well as identify anyone on your team we should invite to the meeting.

Once we have agreed upon a date and time for consultation, we’ll set up a digital meeting calendar invite and send it to you and any other attendees. 

While you wait to schedule your consultation with us, if you have not already done so, we highly recommend completing the prep-work PDF​, and having it ready for your consultation call. 

Step two

No-pressure Consultation

At the time of our scheduled meeting, have everyone on your team join in via our conference phone line, or directly through any computer, tablet, or smart phone. (internet connection required)

We will discuss everything covered in the prep-work form, but also get to know you, and your teams vision. We will also discuss your teams timeline requirements.

We may have enough information to move directly onto the proposal + quote process on this call. 

Because of this, we request having any key people involved in your companies purchasing process on the call ready to make a decision, so as to move through our consultation efficiently. (This is a necessity to allow us to respond to the high number of inquiries and accurately forecast our team availability for our potential clients)

If for whatever reason we’re unable to complete a custom price quote, we’ll let you know what information either party may need to gather to move forward, and schedule a time for a follow-up meeting.

At any point in the consultation / quote process you can back out, no hassle. We don’t believe in pushy sales tactics, and are doing our best to make our process the most customer-centric nano-coating service in the world. We understand we won’t be able to meet the timeline or budgets of every client, and that’s okay.

Step three

Proposal, Quote, 50% Payment to secure install

Based off of the information discussed in the consultation, we should be able to provide you with a quote for our services. The quote is generated based off of parameters gathered from the information provided by you, and any discrepancies between the information provided, and the site survey on the day of install will be added or subtracted from the true total end cost. We do our best to make an accurate of as estimate as possible, but every job is unique, and if any incorrect or incomplete information is provided in the quote process, it will naturally cause discrepancies, but we will price adjust fairly, if you gave us parameters that were bigger than the actual job, then we may charge you less, or vice versa. 

We charge 50 percent of the total quoted estimated price as a deposit to secure an installation date. The deposit is applied to the total cost to install upon full invoicing. If you cancel your installation 14 business days or more in advance of your installation date, we will refund the deposit. If you cancel your installation  13 or less business days in advance of your installation date, you will be subject to a late-cancellation fee.  A late cancellation fee within this time range is necessary to allow us to maintain consistent scheduling, as we pay into the install ourselves at this point to prepare materials, travel arrangements, and labor-hours to ensure a high quality, consistent, installation team and process.

Choosing installation day(s) and times We’ll need areas being treated to be cleaned shortly before installation, and then a time for us to perform the installation. For installations where we state we’ll need to utilize an electro-static sprayer: we will have to spray when no employees will be in the area (after hours or days off).

We can complete most installations in a single day, however for extremely large installations we may quote multiple days of labor. Overall, we’ll work with you to provide options for the most optimal installation day(s) and time(s) for your business.

Step four

Install day(s)

On the day(s) of the install, our installation director will arrive on site with their team and do an itemized site survey to confirm the conditions and parameters set forth in the quote.

The installation director will also confirm the surfaces were properly cleaned per our guidelines to prepare for installation. If the surfaces are not properly prepared, having our team cleaning and preparing surfaces can lead to an exorbitant cost-increase, as this may cause our team to have to work unplanned overtime and risk pushing back other clients jobs.

At this time our team will also perform a light quality survey with tools to confirm area’s have the necessary lighting to activate BESTSeal’s full potential. We provide a recommended lighting changes list in the post-installation report so if you wish to, you can get the absolute most out of BESTSeal everywhere it’s installed. 

After making any necessary pricing adjustments, we’ll present you with a full invoice on-site, and then have it approved by your team, then we’ll begin installing.

Our team will then disinfect and nano-coat the requested surfaces, and provide you a detailed post-installation report on treated surfaces. 

Step five

Marketing and future maintenance

We work with your marketing team to help you advertise your newly protected surfaces with custom materials and guidance.

We’ll also give you a general maintenance guideline based off of your coating report that explains how long before you’ll likely need to re-apply a new coat of BESTSeal. This is based off of your coating coverage levels chosen during the quote processes, and the unique wear-variables in the install environment. We offer returning customers discounted rates on re-applications. 



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If you have any building plans or schematics of the facility you would like coated, providing it to us early can help get you a speedy quote.
(We may send you alternative times if you choose a time period that is not available.)

Check out just a few of the many surface touch points we can disinfect and coat.

On germ-shields / barriers

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On point of sale systems

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On retail merchandising shelves, and throughout store

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On elevator buttons, and inside elevators

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On conference tables and in meeting rooms

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On employee desks / cubicles, and some electronics

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On industrial assembly line equipment

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Can be applied to air filters exposed to light, giving them better air cleaning properties

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Shared manufacturing workstations

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Can be applied to reusable clothing

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Can be used to fight the spread of viruses and infection dangerous only to animals in veterinary, or agricultural environments.

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Can be applied to storage drawers and cabinets

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