BESTSeal Protects Airline Touch Surfaces

Coat your airline fleet today.
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Sinks & Soap Dispensers

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Grab Bars

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Potentially on some Re-Usable Uniforms.

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Tray Tables & Dining Surfaces

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Safe for use on Most Luxury Aircraft Cabin Materials

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On Re-Usable Menus

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Touch Screens & Infotainment Systems

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Windows & Shade Covers

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Business Stations & Chair Control Mechanisms

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Economy Class Seating Cabins

Tray Table Touch Mechanisms

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Seat Pouches / Storage

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On Flooring

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Overhead Storage Touch Mechanisms

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Climate Control & Lighting Buttons

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How does BESTSeal's long term protection stack up against the competition?

Unique opportunity to buy our product directly

We typically do not offer gallons directly to commercial end-users in most industries because this product requires professional care to properly install. With that being said, the airline industry has already employed cutting edge facility maintenance personnel, that we believe are easily capable of installing the product themselves using tools they may already have, such as personal protective equipment, microfiber cloths, and in some cases, electrostatic sprayers. 

This combined with the longevity of BESTSeal, makes our product an absolute value and performance winner that’s easy to afford, and available to be installed by your own teams as soon as they receive your order.  There is currently a short lead time on purchases, please reach out to us for more information.

How much BESTSeal do you need for your aircraft fleet?

Short-Haul Aircraft

Early rough estimated number of gallons: 1-2


Narrow Body Airliner1

Narrow-Body Airliners

Early rough estimated number of gallons: 2-4


Wide Body Airliner

Wide-Body Airliners

Early rough estimated number of gallons: 3-6


Need to know what BESTSeal Nano Coating is, and how it works to protect surfaces?

Unique opportunity for early partnership

We’re interested in doing a partnered white-paper with the first airline vendor open to working with our team. Please contact us if you’re interested in a special opportunity to get our product at a discount, in exchange for performing efficacy testing, and helping us to co-create advanced training procedures that will be able to be provided back to your team for their own installation.

Is your Airline interested in applying BESTSeal to your aircraft cabins & facilities?