About us

BESTSeal is a child company of  Brighterside Vertical Farms, Brighterside has been applying nano-coatings in the agricultural industry for over 10 years. 

After seeing other industries facing more scrutiny on their cleaning processes than ever before, we realized that our nano-technology coatings could be a key solution.

So we put together an amazing team and formed BESTSeal, now we’re on a mission to bring the best that nano-coatings have to offer, to every industry.

Our Service Area

Potential discount pricing

Markets include SOME areas of the following states:

Florida, Michigan,
New York,
New Jersey,

Nation-wide pricing

We're still a new company! And because of that, we don't yet have teams in every area to provide bottom-line local pricing.

We will install BESTSeal in almost any of the 48 contiguous United States, but all installations are subject to a custom cost review. We may potentially be able to provide our lowest rates to SOME areas of states on the potential discount list. 

Fill out a consultation form to be evaluated for potential discount pricing confirmation.

In most areas we have to substantially increase our pricing to account for the cost of safely transporting and accommodating our employee's and their equipment across long distances.


Leadership Team